by Kathy Graham
The HQ Companies
  • One of the first to forecast that 2017 (and continuing to 2019) is the year that the rote component of people’s jobs will be assumed by technology: AI, computers, automation, etc.
  • The more a job becomes automated/computerized, the lower the compensation for any human components.
  • Education is changing rapidly from bricks and mortar degrees to learning online and lifelong. As knowledge is needed, it is acquired, with or without certification as needed.
  • FUTURE DODO JOBS: Cashiers, truck/bus/taxi drivers, most manufacturing, many bank/finance jobs, general practice doctors, receptionists, clerks, paralegals and all others in legal field—including lawyers—who are not specialists, financial advisors who are not specialists, accountants who are not specialists, recruiters, except for CEO and board positions, traders, except for highly specialized anomalies, many more too numerous to mention.
  • HOT JOBS: Cyber security, instructional design and content development, engineers, repair professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs/intrapraneurs, physical security.
  • SUGGESTED CORPORATE & CAREER POSITIONS: If in high tech environment (most major cities), go high touch and/or high thought, know that there are the two skills technology has not yet mastered: the human emotional intelligence and the ability to think outside of the box. Therefore, companies should keep the human leader, the motivator, the team builder, the problem-seeing and/or the problem-solver. Professionals: Be the leader, the motivator, the team builder, the problem-seeing and/or the problem-solver.

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