Wow. Just wow. Kathy ran our company’s first formal fiduciary board search for a Director who could also chair the Audit Committee. We wanted to move fast and she delivered—more than a dozen tremendous candidates with incredible yet equally valuable diverse backgrounds in just two weeks—and then kept momentum and follow-up going throughout the process, resulting in us finding the perfect board member.

Jennifer Brandel
CEO Hearken, Inc. (Hover over dot to pause testimonial)

I had the pleasure to work with Kathy on two projects: for a pre-IPO SaaS company where she provided the capabilities foundation for digitalization and for an organization who engaged Kathy to recommend organizational structure and capability improvements to modernize a number of functions. Kathy is amazing to work with, to hear her perspective on motivating teams in the digital space, and is an asset to any team.

Managing Director, Strategy & Transformation Top Tech Firm (Hover over dot to pause testimonial)

Kathy has been an invaluable advisor as I have moved through my career and board journey. She guided me through her career process, resulting in me securing two dream executive jobs. Now we are working together on my board director position search.

Carol Rubin
Global Chief Operating Officer Jenner & Block (Hover over dot to pause testimonial)

Kathy Graham is a unique combination of a finance and human capital expert who aligns financial skill sets to strategic goals in order to drive excess stakeholder value through practical and actionable solutions.

Eileen Kamerick Client and current Board Director for Associated Bank (NYSE), Hochschild Mining (LSE), Legg Mason Closed-End Mutual Funds (NYSE). Former CFO of the Americas for BP PLC. CFO of a number of highly successful large public and private companies throughout her career. (Hover over dot to pause testimonial)

Kathy Graham is simply the best in the business at creating authentic and powerful board bios and resumes. Going through her proprietary process enables Kathy to develop a portfolio of documents that effectively communicate what you would bring to a board, and also provides you, the client, with identification of boards/industries most interested/of interest in your background, plus an incredible prep for board interviews. She is a pleasure to work with and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Former CEO Now corporate board careerist (Hover over dot to pause testimonial)

Working with Kathy Graham has been a true joy. Kathy is an absolute thought leader in personal career mapping, career positioning, and support in finding the role that is your best match. Their proprietary process "Your Career Campaign" helped me see my career accomplishments and future career roadmap, including corporate boards, in a way that I had not imagined possible.

Jeff Blade
President, Herff Jones A Varsity Brands/Bain Capital portfolio company (Hover over dot to pause testimonial)

Kathy is a preternatural connector of ideas, people and opportunities and I feel incredibly lucky that our paths crossed. From the moment I met her, she immediately began connecting me to people and opportunities that could help me grow my business, including speaking engagements and organizations.

She values people above all else, and it shows in how she operates and moves through the world. You'd be lucky to have Kathy learn about what your company does, then let her weave her deep connections to strengthen your own work and vision. You’ll soon be saying “wow,” too.

Jennifer Brandel
CEO Hearken, Inc. (Hover over dot to pause testimonial)

WHAT WE DO BY THE NUMBERS    (Hover over number for details)


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The HQ Companies is actively involved in enhancing corporate and board diversity, including introducing 300 corporations to 1,000 Board Directors in three years. Our process is to collaboratively engage with CEOs/Boards to define their growth goals, then tap into our extensive relationships to find Executives and Directors that fit each company’s unique culture. DIVERSE CORPORATE & BOARD PLACEMENT via coaching, consulting, reverse and retained search—that’s The HQ Companies, Inc.

Talent Success

  • Success In 100 Days
  • 10 Years Average Firm Tenure
  • Completely Confidential
  • For Your Most Important, Hard to Find, and/or Time Sensitive Positions.

Talent Consulting

  • Strategic Analysis
  • Tactical Assessment
  • Practical Recommendations

  • Top Results for Family Offices, Private Equity, Public & Private Companies.

Selected Examples

TALENT ALIGNMENT: Identified personnel key constraints slowing finance department's digital transformation for large nonprofit. Suggested successfully implemented solutions.

TALENT ALIGNMENT: Identified & then suggested digital transformation changes in org structure, talent, & processes in HR & PMO groups that were successfully implemented in HIGH TECH high growth private firm considering IPO.

TALENT ASSESSMENT: Transformed in ninety days via assessment/GAP analysis/org restructure/coaching a finance department with high turnover & low productivity into new group ready to launch corporate growth initiative.

ASSET MANAGEMENT TALENT SUCCESS FOR: Alternatives/traditional at consulting firms, companies, family offices, hedge funds, money management firms sell side/buy side, & in banks, insurance, pension funds, & trading firms.

CORPORATE TALENT SUCCESS FOR: Small/national/large/global privately held/publicly held companies in most industry sectors.


  Watch our 3 minute video that tells all.



  • Leadership Is The Most Talked About Topic.
  • What are the facts re: leadership choices?
  • What key factors drive great leadership?
  • How can you use this data effectively?


  • Over 250 Clients Since Inception
  • +80% of Clients Successfully Reach Goal
  • For C-Suite & Board Goal Realization
  • Customized for Executives
  • Completely Confidential
  • Collaborative Approach
  • 12 Different Customized Services
  • No Completion Time Limit
  • Priority for Interviews, Offers, and Negotiations

Selected Examples

YCC C-Suite: Senior executive in multi-million dollar position with significant nonprofit and private company board experience—identified next corporate career move and timing, changed public profile, recommended changing nonprofit affiliation to another more closely aligned with branding of corporate and boards—within 2 weeks of changed public profile, approached for multiple public company board positions.
YCC: CEO sold company, hired to identify next career choices—recognized current location and industry were not growing, brainstormed new location and transitional entry into vibrant community—now running another firm in desired industry, desired location.
YCC: Unemployed Global Chief Investor Relations Officer (CIRO)—identified reasons job search had stalled, corrected/repositioned to growth areas—within 3 months secured dream job with growing global company.
YCC: Senior Consultant/former Engineer in top tier consulting firm—identified new career path, secured Senior Strategist position reporting to Chief Strategist Officer in Fortune 50 manufacturing firm—rare for someone to go from consulting to manufacturing. Fast forward to when ready for next move: identified next step as strategic CFO—secured strategic CFO position in 3 months. Referred sibling to YCC—similar success story.
YCC: Unemployed for over 2 years business development consultant, top MBA and achievements—created and secured Chief Marketing Officer position at double previous compensation.
YCC: IT professional transitioning to asset management in 2009-10 when unemployed highly experienced money managers were many—followed YCC system, resulting in hire as Researcher/Portfolio Manager.
YCC: Stay at home mom for 3 years, previously Equity Analyst for boutique investment firm with MBA/CFA—hired in less than 6 months as VP, Portfolio Manager with major asset management bank.
YCC Junior: Started program senior year, BS, Molecular/Cellular Biology; BA, English, with some college intern experience—hired within 2 months from graduating as Analytical Lab Chemist for a company—rare for someone to go directly right out of college, usually work temp jobs first.
YCC Junior: Recent college graduate, BA, Telecommunications & Media, with some high school and college intern experience—one of the few from his class hired by a major TV station affiliate. BOTH YCC Juniors had MULTIPLE OFFERS.

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