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Kathy Graham was requested to be one of the 10 speakers for the CFO Track of Finance Redefined discussing Rebranding the CFO: Change Starts Today! at the July 2020 National AICPA & CIMA ENGAGE 2020 Virtual Conference.

Your brand is a perceived image of what you, the CFO, provide in added value to your company. It’s what enables you to charge more for your brand than what unbranded CFOs command. Once, when almost all CFOs were the Classic CFO—the steward of a company’s financial history—your brand wasn’t as important to your career and to your company’s growth. In today’s market, it’s essential for your career and company’s growth to strategically determine and promote your optimal branding profile.

1. Are you the Classic CFO, the steward of the company’s financial history, internally and historically focused?

2. Are you the Strategic CFO, working with recent data from multiple ERP systems, KPIs, coordinating finance across departments?

3. Are you tomorrow’s CFO today—the CFO as Partner to the CEO, operating with real time end-to-end information form the latest digital transformations to suggest pivots and other changes NOW to enhance your company’s performance by reacting NOW to changing factors?

Is your CFO role and branding aligned with the economic environment your company is likely to face tomorrow?

How do you change your brand to influence these key stakeholders and assist your company in capturing the highest ROI, including the new ROIs from The Business Roundtable’s recent statement that corporations now exist to serve both their shareholders AND also ALL STAKEHOLDERS, including customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and the environment?

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Kathy Graham was requested to moderate and direct a panel on Steps to powering a digital culture and mindset in the finance function: New approaches in building and developing your finance talent at the 2019 AICPA & CIMA National Conference in Las Vegas for the CFO TRACK of Finance Redefined—received high marks from attendees for presentation.

Would you like your finance functions to be among the over 80% who fail when implementing a digital transformation?

A digital transformation is a term that means “creating a new business and/or shareholder value by shifting a current business to the most up-to-date technologies.” It’s the latest rage and a big valid concern for many companies facing disruptors, potential or current.

The businesses and finance functions that have succeeded in implementing digital transformations share a number of key factors in common, which Kathy Graham and three CFOs from very diverse companies/industries discussed on June 13, 2019 at the AICPA ENGAGE conference in Las Vegas.

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Kathy Graham delivers workshop/keynote speeches on human growth for professionals, executives, C-Suite, & Board Directors.

  • Created a workshop that utilized gamification in 2015 to teach first time managers how to master new demands.
  • Designed Creating a Social Story, an interactive workshop for CFA Society Boston (2012), then CFA Society Chicago (2014) on utilizing social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) legally to enhance careers and company profiles.
  • Created Career Strategies for You, a highly rated career development workshop given from 2009-14 at top-tier university and business associations across the U.S. to audiences ranging in size from 50 to 200 attendees.
  • Chosen in 2013 as "Most Innovative Speaker" by Association Forum, a 4,000 membership Chicagoland organization, and asked to share tips on delivering more engaging presentations to its 400 association executives.
  • Crafted 2013 Money Smart Week™ program with Chicago Tribune finance writer Gail Marks Jarvis, sponsored by CFA Society Chicago, University of Chicago Alumni Club, and Northwestern University Kellogg—attracted over 200 professionals and CFA Society Chicago became a Money Smart Week™ Partner.
  • Engaged by CFA Society Boston, CFA Society New York City, and CFA Society Chicago to design and deliver Your Career Campaign™ workshops from 2009-11 to crowds of 200+ offering practical ways to reinvent careers.
  • Engaged by CFA Society Chicago to design Career Strategist individual sessions that sold out repeatedly and received the highest ratings during 2009 as personal effort to assist those impacted by Great Recession.
  • Delivered as a first day morning speaker Safe Sailing in Stormy Weather at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Ninth Annual Private Equity Conference in June 2009.